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Women’s Day

This article is not just because today is women’s day and this is trend of the day. Yes, I know your brain starts questioning and you are free to think why this one is posted today.

So here is my answer…I think we are busy in our routine life to express what we feel about others.

ok ok not we…… but at least me.

Or I can correct my statement, we are not used to express our feelings for them, to thank and to tell them what they mean in our life. So I thought this is the best day to express SOME feelings (please note down some only…so that if I miss something I can use this word as an excuse).

Feeling for the all beautiful LADIES (you can note down this as well, otherwise someone can complain, I am girl…not woman) in my life who mold me, teach me, helps me to find myself makes my life simple, easier, joyful, happy, ………….(So many words to be fill).

Most important of all, you all have filled some pages in the book of my life, which is now more beautiful than before. These beautiful pages have made many unforgettable prints in my life and hope you people will keep filling many more in my life (I think I will need supplement sheet).

These pages (Oops so many times I used the word page), these memories will always make me smile and help re-live my past.

Either, Scolding from you, for not having lunch. Or to force me to eat something. From my birth to the second when I am writing this each and every moment. – My Mom

Either, the first and only slap I received in my 1st standard for not finishing my lunch box. Or the happiness on your face and your words to my parents when I topped the class. – My First Lady Class Teacher.

Either, it was my drawing homework which she did. Or the complaint she did to the teacher for making noise. – The Monitor Girl

Either it was teasing, talks, cares and support from you. Or customize dairy milk silk packing. – Miss Automation.

Either it was pop-ins, temptations and customize coffee mug. Or your smile, laugh, tear, anger, scolding and support. – Miss Dancing Queen

Either it is your sense of humor, dialogues (Especially how you kill people) and support, or your tickle on the public places. – Miss Nanhi-si, Pyari-si.

Either the project knowledge transfer, Or the other talks, help and fun – The Team

And many many many more!!!

On this women’s day, I would like to thanks each and every women who have in any way affected me and my life.

Happy Women’s Day !!!



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

12 thoughts on “Women’s Day

  1. Kya baat h 😉 inni sari special ladies 😀 lucky you 🙂 and thank you so much for mentioning words fr me toooo.. Yeaay :p


  2. Wow! One more awesome post. Thank you so much for words u have written fr me 😀 yeay m happy haha 😉 and you are so lucky as have these many beautiful ladies 🙂


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