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You & Me…

If I am calendar, then you are my dates.

At first sight, I felt you are my soul mate.


If I am mobile, you are my network.

I thinks about you, even at my work.


If I am a photo, you are my pose.

In my empty heart, you are only rose.


If I am destination, you are my only path.

You are answer of, my each and every what.


If I am bulb, then you are my light.

O my dear, we will never fight.


If I am pizza, then you are my toppings.

On every Sunday, we will go for shopping.


If you are dairy milk, then I am toffee.

May you join me, for a cup of coffee?


If I am a game, then you are the winner.

Will you come for, candle light dinner?


If you are Jerry, then I am your Tom.

Say yes, I will come to talk your mom.


If you are PLASMA TV, I am only transistor.

If you will say no, I will try on your sister.





Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

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