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Life…a journey


Journey begins when I boarded the train from the station called “Birth”. There were already some people in the train, who were very happy to see me and noticing my each and every moment. My smile, step, movement, choice and my each and every expression. In short they were monitoring and capturing my every moment of journey as memory. So earlier time of my journey spent in identifying people around me and their relationship with me. In these much journey I was only with people whose priority were my happiness and my safety.

After some time when I started to recognize and understand the things, one of my co-passenger took me with him and asked me to sit on a new compartment called “School”. And yet again there were already some passengers in the compartment, few were elder than me who asked for discipline and learnings all the times from me and other same aged co-passengers. We started to enjoy everything in this journey now. Every sight, scene, people and things happening around me was awesome irrespective of good and bad. Even this part of journey was the best part, without any tension, without any responsibility and without any worries.

Journey continues and I got promoted to other compartment called “College”. But journey become complicated here, because now I can notice there are many College compartment with different facilities, different look and with different comforts. And I noticed my co-passengers were helping me but they can’t take decision for me, so I had to be more decisive and I was the solely responsible for each right and wrong decision. This part was also amazing so many memory, learnings of worlds and life. People started consider your opinion and your decisions. Somehow I adjusted to take decision and completed this part of journey in one of the compartment.

After this part of journey all the known and unknown person present in the journey asked me to get place in the new coach called “Employment”. But the situation in this compartment was bad than the other compartment in which I traveled till now. Worst thing of this compartment was levels, there were many level of seats and upper level can order the lower level person. Also in this compartment, the no of seats were very less and people were more than that and everyone was eager to get a seat and the person who already got the seat was fighting for the upper level seat. Everyone was behaving like robot and following a particular life styles and schedule. People knows only those who was either helping him or they will need help from them, there was no place for the feelings, emotions and sympathy in this compartment. Somehow I managed to get a seat here also and started surviving and after that I realized that this part of journey is not as bad as I was thinking or people were presenting. There were some good parts like you will get money here and the way and perception of people was dealing with you will be change. So this part of journey can change your life style to your image.

And journey keeps going, our co-passengers left at the time they reach their destination and new travelers are still joining our this journey, we meet so many people in this journey, some can stay till the end and some will left according to their convince or destination. Yes this journey will be continue till time we will the reach our destination station “Death”…….



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

6 thoughts on “Life…a journey

  1. Niceee one really lovely way of expressing life. I am stumped with your thoughts :)” People knows only those” in this line may be you could use people know only or knew only. Also if possible avoid more than one and in a sentence. I love your thoughts an the way you articulate it. 🙂 Hope i don’t mind the corrections

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Durga.

      Thanks for your time and most important for your suggestions.(Sure i will try to avoid the points you mentioned)
      Its always good to get some suggestion or advice from writer like you ….of course i don’t mind , please keep reading and keep suggesting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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