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Father of Nation

They both walked the less traveled road, shoulder to shoulder. They have shared  all their life knowing each other. Both being orphan and with no money, living on their daily wage, someday earning and someday without.

And then one of them saw a picture of father of our nation lying in dust and when he looked closely, it was 500 rupees note, 10 days of no working and no searching for work.

The other one picked it up and smiled, ” I saw it first” he shouted.

Few minutes later he was walking down the road, alone, watching the yellowish green paper with picture of father of nation. Some red drops on his hand didn’t bother him. He was happy now, that he don’t have to sleep hungry for next few days. And his friend, he now never have to sleep hungry. He was already in a permanent sleep.



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

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