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I, Spy

And it happened again. ‘Is there someone following me? Spying on me? He knows all that I do and knows every place I go. And if that’s true, what he wants from me? How is he getting all those details which only I should be aware of?’ Rajeev was saying all this to no one in particular, till he realized that he was not even breathing. He let a huge sigh escape all the air which was stuck in his lungs.

Its not even few days he has arrived to the city and now this. He don’t want to bother his father back home. But he has to share this with someone. Someone whom he can trust. He decides he will tell this to Arjun, his roommate. Yes, Arjun might have some solution for it.

‘Arjun, I need to talk to you about something’ He said to Arjun, who was busy texting on his new phone. Arjun stopped and looked up to him, ‘is it something about my underwear left unwashed in the bathroom?’ he asked back thinking of it as a shared apartment tenants related issue.

‘hell no’ Rajeev sat down beside him, ‘why would I even think about your underwear while someone is trying to spy on me or keep an eye on me every time or may be kill me?’

‘Dude, okay cool down, get a hold, here have some water’ Arjun passed him glass of water. Rajeev drank it, knowing that Arjun has already drank from the same glass. ‘Now tell me what the matter is? Someone threatened you? You got into some fight? ‘Girlfriend’s boyfriend?’ Arjun asked and grinned.

Rajeev cursed himself for zeroing in on Arjun. He should have known his roommate better. After all he is famous for taking everything as a joke and never being serious of anything. He kept quiet and let him enjoy his smile.

Arjun realized that Rajeev was really serious about it. He sat back straight and waited for him to speak.

‘Look, I know it all joke for you but for last few days I have been receiving messages from some unknown numbers. Messages which tells me about my location. Messages that tell me what I am doing right now. It has every detail of me, even the amount of money I have.’ Rajeev bit his lips to control himself from relieving too much.

Arjun seemed worried. This was grave situation if true. He thought for few moments and then said, ‘Ok let me see the messages’.

And he showed the message. This time Arjun didn’t smile….he laughed his heart out.

The message:





Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

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