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यादे !!

वही थी गली, जगह भी वही |
वही थी बाते, तरीका भी वही ||

वही नोक-झोक, हँसी भी वही |
गाने गुनगुनाना, शरमाना भी वही ||

साथ निभाने का इरादा,और वादे भी वही |
वही उत्सुकता, घबराना भी वही ||

जो थे यूँ दीवाने, हम भी कभी |
जी रहे थे पल वो , हमारे वही ||

आ गयी देख उनको, यादे वही |
वो कसमे,वो बातें और वादे वही ||

था ये पल उनका, उनकी ही कहानी थी |
आज चेहरे नए थे, पर तेरी यादें पुरानी थी ||



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

35 thoughts on “यादे !!

  1. Oooooh! The last lines are tragic. 🙁 So, what I figured out after reading this is that you noticed someone in love and you could relate so well to their feelings and that made you remember you own love story! Haina? ❤ It’s like a time travel wali poem, beautifully presented. I could feel the emotion behind every word you wrote. ☺☺

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    1. hahaha….yes , you figure out perfectly….but it was only a thought which i heard from someone and got the idea to write 😉 not my story 😀
      thank you so much for your words of appreciation and encouragement 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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