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जिंदगी !!

क्यों है परेशान,
क्यों सोचता है बेगाने का |
जख्म दे कर हँसना,
ये काम है ज़माने का ||

वो बात किसी और में नही,
जो बात तेरे सख्श में है ||
ये इल्म है, तू मान ले,
हँस कर जिंदगी बिताने का ||

तू वो नही, तू है अलग,
वक़्त है ये दिखाने का |
रब ने बख्शा है हुनर,
तुझे हर पल मुस्कुराने का ||



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

46 thoughts on “जिंदगी !!

  1. Hii Rohit! ☺ I lovvve this poem. Every line is so relatable, and for forever I’ve been reminding myself to remain positive, not compare myself to others, and that everyone has something special in them, but none of could’ve done what this poem did! 😻

    It is soo inspiring, so positive. I took a screenshot to read whenever I feel low, and find an instant boost up. 😃 Thankyou for writing this. Btw, I have a doubt, इल्म kya hota? 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you so much for such a kind appreciation and beautiful comment <3.

      ohh common !! you are so special , (if u want any type of proof, read your posts ❤ ) .

      इल्म is something like "knowledge" (जानकारी ).

      Thanks again for your support 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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