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हालात !

थोड़ी हवा चलती, कुछ यादो के पन्ने पलटते ।
थाम के हाथ मेरा, थोड़ा दूर और साथ चलते ।।
मेरे हालात का वास्ता देकर, छोड़ जाने वाले लोग ।
कुछ देर और रुकते, मेरे भी हालात बदलते ।।



Not organized, But you will not find it messy. Not punctual, But will be there at right Time. Not supportive, But will be there, when needed. Not a writer, But you will find this interesting.

43 thoughts on “हालात !

  1. A great poet once said:-
    जो हालात का वास्ता दे कर छोड़ गए,
    उनके लिए गम क्यों है।
    और अगर इस दिल मे गम नही,
    तो ये आँखें नम क्यों है।

    Loved it… Keep it up and keep embracing😊😊😊

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    1. A really great thought from a great poet……..and hats off to u as well that u remember that lines 😍😇

      Thank u so much madam , keep visiting , writing , motivating and keep smiling 😇


  2. “zindagi me Kuch logon ki kami, zindagi bhar rehti hai. Lekin us kami k Saath khud ko Pura karne ka naam zindagi hai.”
    Behtareen! Some people are toxic for your being, God is really great enough to make them leave your life at the right point. Trust the almighty and move on!
    A beautiful post. 😊

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